Bridging the gaps in EMS

Improving Your Company's Vital Signs

Our plan of care targets your pain points with a full suite of flexible, customizable EMS management solutions.

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Creative Dispatch | Crafting order out of chaos

Our CAD is more than just computer-aided dispatch, with additional features like fleet management, shift scheduling and customizable reports in addition to best-in-class dispatch functionality. It integrates with Creative ePCR and all other major ePCR software.

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We provide 24/7 tech support to all users, including EMTs and paramedics in the field.


Creative ePCR | Shifting the focus to patient care

Available anytime, anywhere on Android, iOS and Windows devices, it streamlines data collection so medics can concentrate on assessment, treatment and safety.

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All Creative EMS solutions are NEMSIS v3 compliant.



Creative Billing | Driving a healthier bottom line


With reimbursements dropping and labor costs rising, already tight EMS margins are even tighter. Accurate and effective billing is the key to maximizing revenue streams in the constantly changing regulatory environment.

Creative EMS has more than 25 years of experience in medical billing. Our team of NAAC-certified EMS billing specialists can navigate complex situations and identify every billable while cautiously adhering to federal regulations. We help agencies close revenue cycles more quickly, ensuring increased cash flow.

The Creative Billing service accepts data from any dispatch system and provides same-day claims submission, direct deposits of payments, and A/R reporting and other analytics. 


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